Pharmaceutical Soft gelatin capsules are becoming an increasingly popular dosage form in Prescription and OTC markets.  It is a superior delivery system designed for safety and efficacy. Soft gels have many desirable properties and several advantages over tablets and hard-shell capsules.


They are easy to swallow, disintegrate quickly, and can significantly improve the bioavailability of active ingredients. The dosage form is precise and uniform, providing greater stability, purity, and consistency of the nutrients encapsulated.


Another key strength of soft gels is their versatility. There are wide varieties of shell colors, shapes, and sizes available to offer product differentiation in the market.


The market for vegan products is being driven by the rising awareness of the health benefits of these products, such as reducing the risk of heart diseases, cancer, and other diseases.


Alder offers food and pharmaceutical grade solution for vegetarian softgel capsule formulations enabling manufacturers and marketers to meet the rising consumer demand for plant-based products.

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